06 People

We will give equal value to all our people, providing them with the tools and opportunities to grow professionally and eliminating barriers to their progress.​

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Our commitment to people begins with our employees at ECCBC, who serve as the custodians of our esteemed beverage brands, drive our innovation agenda, and spearhead our sustainability initiatives. Through their dedication and expertise, they play a pivotal role in our success. We prioritize fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion, empowering women, and supporting the growth and development of youth within our organization. By providing equal opportunities for all and embracing the richness of diverse perspectives and experiences, we cultivate an environment where every individual can thrive and contribute meaningfully to our shared goals.
  • Goal #1

    To increase female presence across the Company by 2030

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    Higher presence of female employees

    Increase in female employees by 2030 through talent acquisition and retirement plans.

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    Higher ratio of women in Managerial roles

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    Continue building a Diverse and inclusive environment

    Train 100% of managers in D&I by 2030.

    Achieve 85% engagement rate for D&I in the Global People Survey by 2030.

  • Goal #2

    To promote talent among young people and increase youth rate inside the company by 2030

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    Create opportunities for youth

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    Recruiting talent under 30 years old

    Implement Global Graduate Program across the Company and in all functions to have an intake of young talent under 30 years old.

    Strategic Employer Value Proposition with focus on young talent to attract new generations.

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    Our diversity is is a part of our DNA. That’s why we created the Dive-In project with the support of our employees from across the company with the goal of continuing to understand our uniqueness, while listening and adapting our structure. We are convinced that making a more diverse and inclusive company day by day…

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    Talent Development

    At ECCBC, we seek to be a key partner in our people’s professional growth and career development by providing various learning opportunities, from formal training to on-the-job training.

SDG 12

05 Sourcing

Make responsible decisions for our communities and our planet by supporting sustainable businesses across our value chain, from the farm to the table.​

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