About us

We’re a bottling partner of The Coca-Cola Company across North and West Africa, where our teams produce, commercialize and distribute the world’s most-loved brands and a wide choice of high-quality beverages.

ECCBC is today one of Coca-Cola System’s leading bottling companies in Africa with presence in 13 countries in the north and west of the continent. This simple definition however does not achieve to explain all of our activities and our commitment to this continent, which has always welcomed us with open arms.

From our first day in the African continent, more than 30 years ago, we become actively involved in the development of the communities in which we operate. Therefore, we participate alongside the Coca-Cola foundation for Africa in projects that focus on improving education, the access to drinking water, health, entrepreneurial spirit and sustainability.

Welcome to the Equatorial Coca-Cola Bottling Company

A message from our chairman

We’re a bottling partner of The Coca-Cola Company across North and West Africa, where our teams produce, commercialize and distribute the world’s most-loved drinks brands.​

Our project in Africa started in 1989 in Equatorial Guinea and has since grown to span 13 countries, reaching over 160 million consumers and serving more than 250,000 points of sale, which make 2 billion of transactions per year. Equatorial Coca-Cola Bottling Company was incorporated in 1997 to serve as the platform for that growth.​

Today, thanks to our diverse and talented teams, we are market leaders in each of our territories. Our teams work hard to make Equatorial Coca-Cola more responsible, inclusive, diverse and sustainable with each passing day, whilst maintaining the excellent service to our customers and consumers that sets our business apart.​

We are also key contributors to our communities. We employ more than 5,000 people and our operations generate indirect jobs for over 35,000 people. We are also taking action to improve access to drinking water, health care, education and opportunities in partnership with The Coca-Cola Foundation, local governments and civil society.​

​ Read more about how we are transforming our business to meet the needs of tomorrow, in our ESG Impact Strategy 2030

Alfonso Líbano Daurella

Chairman of the Board

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Our history

Equatorial Coca-Cola Bottling Company was created in 1997 to combine the operations in african countries and serve as platform for future growth.

Our vision

To become the best beverage company in each of the countries that we operate in and the leading Coca-Cola system bottler in Africa.

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We are accountable and transparent in everything we do. As responsible members of our communities, we think globally and act locally.



As a leading company in Africa with roots in a family business, we understand the tough realities of the countries where we operate and respect both their diversity and their heritage.

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We share the hopes and aspirations of our local communities and we believe in what we do. We have fun at work and we are passionate about refreshment, consumers, customers and people.

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Whilst our production, quality and execution are consistently excellent, we can adjust to the challenges of our markets with speed and agility.

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A winning team

We are more than the sum of our parts through trust, collaboration and dedication. We don’t just work hard, we work smart.

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We work together in harmony with our communities in order to preserve the natural environment for future generations.

Our products

ECCBC factory

A succesful strategy

Since we began operations we have been adapting our portfolio of products to the tastes and needs of every market, consumer and ocasion.