01 Packaging

Preserve the value of our packaging materials and our environment by increasing the reduction, reuse and recycling of our packaging and ensuring that it does not end up in our shared waterways or in the environment.

responsible consumption and production
At ECCBC, we acknowledge our duty to address the intricate challenges posed by plastic waste, both to our planet and society. In response, we are part of the strategy launched by The Coca-Cola Company “World Without Waste”. This strategy is designed to catalyze systemic change by promoting a circular economy approach to packaging. “World Without Waste” serves as a comprehensive sustainable packaging platform, emphasizing measurable goals and interconnected objectives. Each goal is reinforced by a set of additional targets, ensuring a holistic approach to our commitment to sustainability.
  • Goal #1

    Collect one bottle or can for every one we sell by 2030


    Reduce primary & secondary packaging

    Reduce and optimize total packaging used by 2030


    Collection & Recycling

    Collect packaging equivalent to 100% of packaging used in our operations



    Improving the recyclability of our packaging

  • Goal #2

    Use at least 50% recycled material in our packaging by 2030


    rPET use in our packaging

    50% recycled of materials in all our primary packaging by 2030



    Accelerate rPET regulations in all markets where we produce

  • Beach cleaning volunteers

    Beach Cleaning

    During summer we organize different Beach cleaning Events to bring people together to not only clean the beaches but also raised awareness about the importance of protecting the environment

  • GRIPE Plastic BuyPack Ghana


    In 2017, Equatorial Coca-Cola alongside another 7 private companies founded GRIPE coalition which leads multi-stakeholder collaboration by bringing together industry, government, NGOs and informal waste pickers to work together to find local solutions to this global problem.

Water objective

02 Water

Maximize the value of our shared water resources by being responsible of our use of water inside the business and by helping our communities to access and better manage their water resources.

water cascade