VIVE Programme

Sourcing project

In 2020, Equatorial Coca-Cola joined this voluntary program with the aim of obtaining all of our raw materials from sustainable sources.

VIVE is a voluntary, continuous improvement sustainability program for ingredient supply chains, covering all operations and activities through to end users that have a bearing on sustainability. The program consists of five modules that, in combination, cover all the operations and activities that contribute to the sustainability of ingredients supplied.

In addition to this, the companies involved need to confirm that none of their agricultural suppliers convert or damage land with high biodiversity value. By joining Buyers Supporting VIVE, we have demonstrated our commitment to responsibly sourcing sustainable ingredients and implementing traceability throughout our supply chain, from farms to our seven bottling plants. None of our bottling plants are located in protected areas, so our main contribution to biodiversity will come through projects that evaluate and mitigate our impact throughout our value chain, such as VIVE.

Sourcing project
VIVE Supply Chain programme

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