ECCBC Leadership eMeeting

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This year, at ECCBC, we have created a hole metaverse world to meet all the leadership team together at our first Leaders eMeeting. Through this ECCBC world, employees were able to attend the different presentations from the company’s CEO, Directors, key people from the different areas, The CocaCola Company and other inspiring guest speakers. They find out all about the future plans and key aspects of ECCBC for the next years. In addition, people were able to navigate, interact, play, meet with colleagues and were able to engage themselves in ESG, Diversity & Inclusion, change mindset and much more across different pavilions, including virtual market visits to Morocco, Algeria, Ghana, Guinea Conakry and Cape Verde.

Also, each of the attendees was surprised with a box with inspiring elements to make a real experience that helps leaders to write together a great future for our company

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