We will give equal value to all our people, providing them with the tools and opportunities to grow professionally and eliminating barriers to their progress.​

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Coca-cola people

One of the pillars of our ESG Impact Strategy 2030 is focused on our people, especially on women and youth. Through it we have committed to giving equal value to all our people, providing them with the tools and opportunities to grow professionally and eliminating barriers to their progress.

To do so, we will work to achieve our two goals through 5 different action plans.

  • Goal #1

    To increase female presence across the Company by 2030

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    Higher presence of female employees

    Increase in female employees by 2030 through talent acquisition and retirement plans.

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    Higher ratio of women in Managerial roles

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    Continue building a Diverse and inclusive environment

    Train 100% of managers in D&I by 2030.

    Achieve 85% engagement rate for D&I in the Global People Survey by 2030.

  • Goal #2

    To promote talent among young people and increase youth rate inside the company by 2030

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    Create opportunities for youth

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    Recruiting talent under 30 years old

    Implement Global Graduate Program across the Company and in all functions to have an intake of young talent under 30 years old.

    Strategic Employer Value Proposition with focus on young talent to attract new generations.


Diversity is one of Equatorial Coca-Cola’s values, and we work hard to ensure that our policies and processes promote the equal treatment and equal opportunities for all employees, regardless of who they are.

We are continuing with our four-year strategic Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) plan and trained our employees in both diversity and inclusion matters.

As an example, since the beginning of 2022, we have increase the female presence in our sale force and production lines. In addition to the above, our management team in Algeria participated in a new edition of our global Inclusive Leadership Executive Programme to promote the continious development of our employees and equip them for their journey towards leadership excellence.

We have also celebrated several key D&I international days such as International Women’s Day, International D&I, etc. In 2021, our efforts in D&I were recognized by us being appointed as Silver Winner in the EMEA Award 2021 Inspiring Workplaces in the category of Inspiring Diversity & Inclusion Award.


Business Intelligence & Data Analytics Academy

At ECCBC, we are proud to partner with top universities in Morocco to find and attract young and diverse talent.

After the success of the first edition of our Data Science and Business Intelligence Academy, this year, we launched a second one.

Under this framework, we give the opportunity to university students to join our team as data science and business intelligence interns.

Data Intelligence Academy
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Cross-mentoring Programme

Empowering Women Talent

In 2022, ECCBC joined the first edition of the Cross-Mentoring program from Equipos & Talentos with the objective of continuing to develop female talent and leadership through the exchange of knowledge and experiences to improve skills, abilities, and competencies.

Under this program, three mentees and three mentors from ECCBC were selected to have the opportunity to learn and share experiences with other mentors and mentees from other companies who have also joined the program.

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Talent Development

Our talent is key to our success and when our people learn and grow, our business gains new capabilities that can help it to thrive. We seek to be a key partner in our people’s professional growth and career development by providing various learning opportunities, from formal training to on-the-job training.

At Equatorial Coca-Cola, we believe that great minds never stop learning. That is why, during the past year hundreds of our people received more than 46,000 hours of training.

Through this initiative, our people can keep learning and expanding their knowledge and skills, to help them achieve their goals.

ECCBC Leadership eMeeting

This year, at ECCBC, we have created a hole metaverse world to meet all the leadership team together at our first Leaders eMeeting. Through this ECCBC world, employees were able to attend the different presentations from the company’s CEO, Directors, key people from the different areas, The CocaCola Company and other inspiring guest speakers. They find out all about the future plans and key aspects of ECCBC for the next years. In addition, people were able to navigate, interact, play, meet with colleagues and were able to engage themselves in ESG, Diversity & Inclusion, change mindset and much more across different pavilions, including virtual market visits to Morocco, Algeria, Ghana, Guinea Conakry and Cape Verde.

Also, each of the attendees was surprised with a box with inspiring elements to make a real experience that helps leaders to write together a great future for our company

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Covid-19 Response

At Equatorial Coca-Cola, health and safety have always been strategic priorities of the business. For this reason, since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, we have implemented and updated, when needed, protocols to minimize potential exposure and boost hygiene in all of our premises and distribution channels; whilst guaranteeing the continuity of our operations and service to our customers and consumers.

Through our Human Resources and our Quality, Operational Safety and Health (QOSH)
departments we sought to develop new ways of working and created bespoke solutions for each country and job position.

In order to manage and report efficiently, we established a Crisis Cabinet that was replicated at Group and Business Unit levels. These groups were tasked with monitoring the evolution of the pandemic, taking all the necessary actions to keep our people and their families safe from the virus, and ensuring business continuity given the measures and restrictions implemented in the countries where we operate.

Thanks to all these efforts, this year, we were awarded the Communitas Award in the category of leadership in community service and corporate responsibility, and also recognized by the Stevie Award as bronze winners in the category of most exemplary employer for our response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

covid action
covid actions
covid 19 community award

Shared value, shared future

ESG Impact Strategy 2030 Pillars

Our new strategy is based on 6 key pillars where ECCBC has a significant role to play and can deliver the most value. Each of the pillars has been built with multiple commitments, action plans and initiatives to achieve our 2030 Sustainability Goals.