Welcome to Equatorial

Alfonso Líbano Daurella

Chairman of the Board

Alfonso Bosch

Chief Executive Officer

We are pleased to share with you our first Equatorial Coca-Cola At A Glance, a quick overview of our key projects in the last few months and updates on how we are evolving to better meet the challenges of the future.

We remain firm believers that success in business must be judged from a wider lens than just a financial view. Whilst Equatorial At A Glance: 2018/19 only gives a snapshot of the company, these results are the product of Equatorial's 20-year history reforming a group of local African bottlers to provide better answers to global concerns for how we deliver our products, how we manage and build our teams, and how our business impacts the communities we serve and the environment we share.

As 2018 drew to a close and 2019 started strongly, our determination to ensure that every day Equatorial Coca-Cola becomes a more responsible, diverse and sustainable business continued. Equatorial At A Glance: 2018/19 outlines some of the projects and initiatives we have put in place to this end.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our Board of Directors and the entire Equatorial team for their relentless determination to make the company more effective in delivering sustainable value for all of our different stakeholders every day, and their genuine willingness to constantly learn how we can do it better.


We're a bottling partner of The Coca-Cola Company across North and West Africa, where our teams produce, commercialize and distribute the world's most-loved brands and a wide choice of high-quality beverages.

Our project in Africa started in 1989 with a concession from The Coca-Cola Company to operate in Equatorial Guinea. The resulting venture was later joined by Guinea Conakry, Mauritania, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau and The Gambia.

Equatorial Coca-Cola Bottling Company (ECCBC) was created in 1997 to combine the operations of all these countries and serve as platform for future growth. In the last two decades we have expanded our operations to new territories in Africa, such as Ghana, Morocco and Algeria; and today ECCBC bottles and distributes the Coca-Cola Company's portfolio in 13 African countries, reaching over 100 million consumers, serving more tan 200,000 points of sale and achieving 1.4 billion transactions per year.







Millions of transactions 1,448


Our history

Since 1951
The Daurella Family has maintained a remarkable, long standing partnership with Coca-Cola since 1951.
Along the way, they acquired the rights to distribute Coca-Cola in Equatorial Guinea.
Operations were discontinued due to war, but they were restarted in 1989, with just 6 employees and 50,000 cases
COBEGA's African business expands to new territories: Guinea Conakry, Guinea Bissau, Mauritania, Cape Verde and the Gambia
ECCBC is born, along with the acquisitions of Ghana and Sierra Leone. Soon afterwards, Liberia and São Tomé are added to company's growing footprint.
The first investments are made in Morocco. The full number of acquisitions in Morocco are completed in 2005.
ECCBC acquires Ceris S.A., a Cape Verdean brewery.
ECCBC acquires Fruital S.A., a Coca-Cola bottler in central Algeria
ECCBC reaches 100 million unit cases (570 million liters).
ECCBC reaches 150 million unit cases (951 million liters).
ECCBC starts the first Coca-Cola franchise in South Sudan.

Our Vision

To become the best beverage company in each of the countries that we operate in and the leading Coca-Cola system bottler in Africa.

Our values

Our values guide everything we do



As a leading company in Africa with roots in a family business, we understand the tough realities of the countries where we operate and respect both their diversity and their heritage.



Whilst our production, quality and execution are consistently excellent, we can adjust to the challenges of our markets with speed and agility.



We share the hopes and aspirations of our communities and we believe in what we do. We have fun at work and we are passionate about refreshment, consumers, customers and people.



We are more than the sum of our parts through trust, collaboration and dedication. We don't just work hard, we work smart.



We are accountable and transparent in all things we do. As responsible members of our communities, we think globally and act locally.



We work together in harmony with our communities in order to preserve the natural environment for future generations.

Our markets








(millions of euros)




bottling plants

Investing in our future

Our people

ECCBC Sales Academy

A Learning Strategy for Driving Capability Development

In line with our priorities on attaining excellence in execution and improving customer satisfaction. We developed and launched the ECCBC Sales Academy to continuously develop the capabilities of our entire salesforce through a global, customized framework.

It also aims to attract, motivate and retain the best talent by giving them the opportunity to grow and improve in their work.

  • Excellence in Execution
  • Transformation
  • Attract, Motivate & Retain Talent
  • Customer Centricity

Safety Culture

Keeping our people safe

The safety and health of our employees is more than a priority, it is central to our understanding of business performance. This is why we have initiated a project to build a safety culture so that safety becomes second nature to everyone who works for us, whether direct or indirect employees.

We have established country-by-country safety project teams, held train-the-trainer events and are employing an effective new communications strategy; all geared to embed self-reinforcing behaviors in our people that ensure that they return home safe everyday.

Dive in

Building a more diverse and inclusive company

Equatorial Coca-Cola operates across 13 territories, incorporating a team from a wide array of language groups, religions, nationalities, cultures and ethnic backgrounds; diversity is an unavoidable reality of our day-to-day work.

We are convinced that this diversity and inclusiveness is a powerful organizational competitive advantage that we can manage better every day. In 2018, we launched our DIVE-IN program, designed to help us to better understand how to successfully manage this diversity and develop continuous learning and adaptation approaches able to permanently evolve our thinking.

  • 4000+ Employees
  • 50,000 Indirect Employees
  • 13 Countries
  • +25 Languages
  • 20+ beverage brands
  • 100 Million consumers
  • 200,000 Points of Sale
  • +20 Nationalities

Dive-in Volunteer

Be part of the change

We started the Dive-In Volunteer Programme for our collaborators so they can get the opportunity to play an active role in Equatorial's work in our local communities. From the very beginning, Equatorial has made investments and created value in all of the communities where we operate and now we are inviting our collaborators to be part of that.

  • 40 Volunteers
  • 4 Countries

Investing in our future

Our projects

Excellence in Execution

Zenga Zenga (ALG), Hanout Hanout (MOR) & Store Biaa Muu (GHA)

One of the key priorities for the business is achieving excellence in execution and improving customer satisfaction.

We are transforming our business to make it more customer focused by putting in place systems and measureable KPIs to ensure that we are taking care of our customers and receiving feedback from them.

The project was developed and refined using the learnings that came out of the pilot projects that were launched in Algeria and Morocco in the last two years, and which are being redeployed on a wider scale.

New PET Line

Guinea Conakry

We installed a new PET line in Guinea, Conakry, in line with our strategy to redesign our West African business model to meet the demands of the modern African market.

Conakry will serve as a future hub in West Africa, acting as a focal point for Equatorial's growth in the region.

Quality Project


Complementing our investment in our execution, we have launched an end-to-end project to give the business more effective control of our product packaging quality, from the bottle design stage to the final delivery vehicle.

The project has put in place a continuous improvement process that will ensure the success of our efforts to improve customer satisfaction. This project is already producing results, ensuring consistent quality and improving operational effectiveness.

SDG Aligned

Sustainability Strategy

At Equatorial Coca-Cola we have a long history of partnering with our communities to create long-term value for our shared future. We know the importance that our local communities have for our business. When they thrive, so do we.
And so whenever we can, Equatorial Coca-Cola has endeavoured to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs and align our strategy to join people everywhere who are working to make our joint future brighter.


At a glance

Rain Project

RAIN Project


people with access to clean water from 2011 to 2018

Let your eyes enjoy

Let your eyes enjoy!


cataract surgeries in total

1,964 glasses donated



participants engaged in beach cleaning activities in 2018

57 tones collected
77K plastic crates recycled



worth of medicines donated from 2017 to 2019




women impacted in 2017-18

Our world

Without waste

We have a key role to play in protecting the environment of the countries we serve.

Following the Coca-Cola Company's recent announcement of the World Without Waste program, recycling will now be the top priority in our sustainability strategy as we partner with them to fulfil its far reaching commitments.

Goals Waste

Did you know?


We have recycled

plastic crates

That is close to 170,000 kg
We use the recycled plastic to produce crates with 50% recycled content

waste pickers

waste pickers

empowered in 2018

27 tonnes of plastic collected for recycling

In partnership with partnership
world without waste

Did you know?

In January 2018 the Coca-Cola Company announced their landmark recycling project, World Without Waste, to address the growing problem of waste build up on land, in our waterways and in the sea.



Collected 1 bottle or can for every one we sell by 2030

waste pickers


Recycled content by 2030

Did you know?

people impacted


people impacted

tones collected


Tonnes collected

waste pickers


A local recycler who used the plastic to give it a 2nd! life

Did you know?

people impacted


people impacted

tones collected


Tonnes collected

waste pickers

Gave away 1 coke

for every 3 plastic bottles collected

In partnership with partnership

Our world

Our Water

Millions of people across the world lack access to safe drinking water and lack important sanitation infrastructure.

This issue is particularly stark in Africa, and in response we join hands with our partners to improve the access to water and build sanitation infrastructure across our territories.

Goals Water

Rain Program

Impact to date


9 countries

14 Projects

834 Communities


448,156 People

with improved water access


5 Projects

ongoing in Algeria, Ghana, Liberia and Morocco (x2)

Our ongoing projects will reach 13,400 people, and will economically empower 11,400 women and youth

Water Assistance for South Sudanese Refugees in Uganda

We partnered with UNHCR to install a hybrid water supply system that improves extraction from existing wells in the camp. Our project will:

  • Provide clean water to 6,500 people
  • Build 7 distribution points
  • Increase availability to 20 ltr/day per person

Our communitites


Women and the youth across Africa have critical roles to play in our economies and communities.

However, they face a number of barriers to empowering themselves economically. This affects not only them, but it also means that Africa cannot access the dormant workforce that it needs to build a better future. We seek to breakdown these barriers and help them achieve their potential.

Goals Waste

Rain Program

Did you know?

One of the requirements for projects sponsored by the RAIN program is that they empower women and the youth in the communities that the project is deployed. This is because when families must travel long distances to get clean drinking water, women and children are disproportionately affected. In particular, girl children are unable to attend class, harming their education.

Woman and youth


women and youth

economically empowered since 2011

We will economically empower 11,400 women and youth by 2020 through 5 ongoing projects


In 2018 we entered into a partnership with Labdoo.org, a humanitarian social network trying to match unused computers with schools being left behind as the world moves into an IT future. By sanitizing donated computers, installing educational materials and taking advantage of volunteers who travel closer to those schools in need; Labdoo.org turn otherwise normal business or leisure trips into valuable donations

  • 20 DOOTRIPS: So far we have delivered 20 computers
  • 10 DOOTRONICS DONATED: We have also donated 10 of our own laptops.

SMART Liberia

Monrovia, Liberia

The Coca-Cola System is supporting the empowerment of Young Liberians through SMART Liberia's Changemakers, an organisation developing innovative solutions to empower a generation of changemakers in Liberia through leadership development and entrepreneurship support.

  • US$ 50,000 grant
  • Founded in 2011
  • Has reached 1,500 young leaders

Dar L'ftour


Did you know that for the last 16 years in a row the Coca-Cola System in Morocco has partnered with local NGOs to deliver thousands of ftours - the meal that breaks the fast during the holy month of Ramadan - to families in need?

By celebrating the spirit of generosity, closeness, sharing and happiness that marks the month of Ramadan we demonstrate our commitment to strengthing our communities by empowering those in need.

In 2019 we delivered more 25800 ftours to families in need.

Disaster Response Plan 2018

Sierra Leone

We partnered with CRS to deliver the Freetown Urban Resilience Project to combat the risk of recurrent flooding in the Dwozark and Kroo Bay areas in the Sierra Leonean Capital. This project was initiated in response to the deadly mudslides that Freetown experienced in 2017 and will protect our local communities from similar tragedies in the future.

  • Rehabilitation & Construction of drainage
  • Waste Management

SHEROES Forum 2018

Monrovia, Liberia

In 2018 we sponsored this knowledge-sharing and networking event which aims to bring female leaders together from all over the world to bring new perspectives to key issues facing women.

  • 1,500 women

Support for education


Teacher Transformation Program for teachers in the Tema West constituency.

  • 3 day program
  • 300+ teachers
  • 21 public schools

Investing in our future
Donated to schools in Awutu-Senya East.

  • 21,000 exercise books
  • 1,600 text books
  • 21,000 students
  • 39 schools

Our communities


Health is a key concern for everyone, but in many of our countries lack of access to lifesaving treatments make this concern more acute.

The Coca-Cola system has consistently worked to address this need and this will continue to be a focus area for our efforts.

Goals Waste

Let Your Eyes Enjoy!

In partnership with Fundación Elena Barraquer and Fundación Cione Ruta de la Luz

Through this partnership, we provide cataract surgeries and prescription glasses free of charge to members of our communities who otherwise would not have access to them. In 2018 we carried out three campaigns to Cape Verde, Guinea and Ghana.

In 2018

  • 2,109 People with improved vision
  • 945 Cataract Surgeries
  • 1,164 glasses donated

Since 2014

  • 5,313 People with improved vision
  • 2,231 Cataract Surgeries
  • 1,964 glasses donated

Project Last Mile

Liberia & Sierra Leone

Once someone posed the question: If Coca-Cola can reach the most remote places in the world, why can't medicine? Project Last Mile (PLM) is the response to that question.

Through PLM we are helping our Health Ministries to re-design their last mile delivery model and improving access to vital medicines for people previously considered out of reach.

  • 2 Countries
  • US$ 1.65 Million investment


In this project Equatorial Coca-Cola partners with the Coca-Cola Foundation, the medical community and government to equip local hospitals with much needed equipment and material. Working together we can ensure that the right materials reach the areas where they can make the most impact!

  • 4 Containers in 2018
  • US$ 800,000 in 2018
  • 13 Containers from 2017-2018
  • US$ 2.6 Million from 2017-2018