"Preserve the planet’s resources and generate sustainable growth."

The environment is an essential element in the life of any individual. Warranting a sustainable environment becomes essential for promoting the development of people and communities.

  • RAIN (Replenish Africa Initiative): 2020 vision: Return 100% of the water to the communities.     
  • Environment: At ECCBC we are deeply committed with environmental protection.


RAIN (Replenish Africa Initiative)

The goal of the RAIN (Replenish Africa Initiative) project, which was launched by the Coca-Cola foundation for Africa, is to supply drinking water to six million people until 2020. The project is part of Coca-Cola’s 2020 vision and its commitment in 2010 to return to the communities 100% of the water used to manufacture our products.

The main impact that is generated is the improvement in health due to the improvement in the quality of water. Furthermore, easy access to water results in great time savings, since people would no longer have to travel long distances to obtain it. Children are the ones that are primarily responsible for carrying water to their homes, which results in a reduction of school absenteeism and enhanced academic performance.



In 2016 we have continued to launch projects geared at raising awareness among the population but, above all, we continue to deliver by example through our wastewater treatment plants, recycling programs, energy efficiency initiatives and responsible packaging.

Wastewater treatment plants

Each of our 12 plants offers wastewater treatment solutions that guarantee that the water we return to the environment is safe and clean.

Plant a tree

In Liberia over 1,000 trees are planted every year with the purpose of showing the country our commitment with the local ecosystem.

Clean-up campaign

LCCBC, a subsidiary of ECCBC in Liberia, launched in 2014 the “Cleanup” campaign, whose purpose was to support the Government’s efforts to keep the city of Monrovia clean and promote physical activity. LCCBC employees took part in the campaign. uses its own cookies and third party cookies to analyze the users browsing and obtain statistics of the website use. If you continue your navigation through this site we understand that you agree to its use. More information is available in our cookies policy.